Years ago, during my studies, one of my topics in the poster studio was to create a visual guide: „How to rest?”. I tried in many different ways to find the answer, but to no avail. It was then that I realised that I didn’t know how to taking a rest.
Many years later, thanks to a chance encounter, I finally understood what this ability was all about. The holiday scenario was usually the same: holiday time was approaching, we had to go somewhere because we had to rest. The key was the word „have to”. One day, as I was driving to a wild, empty beach in an enchanting corner of a national park, something happened to me that gave me a whole new perspective on the definition of rest.

I dived without equipment, and when my body demanded oxygen one last time, I turned to the surface to catch my breath. But what I saw above me for a split second gave me pause. Above me, I saw the figures of three naked women with Rubens-like shapes. There was no time to swim a little further away and avoid the awkwardness. At the surface, I surfaced next to them. Slightly confused, I said „sorry”. The ladies started to laugh out loud, the situation amused them greatly. I realised that I had bumped into them while they were really resting. The story stuck in my head, I have the impression that it brought me closer to the secret formula of how to really relax.
Can we savour the moment to the full if we only capture it in memories? Can we do something just for ourselves in the age of social media?  At the end, are we able to enjoy the moment?
2017 Graphics. Limited edition 10 + 2AP.Print on the cotton Fine Art paper, 706×1240 mm (566×1100 mm without borders).


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