The photo was created in 2010, during the period of intensive development of social media, it is some kind of vision of the future in which the real world loses to the virtual one. „Online” is the question, where we are going? Will the new world dominate the old, real one?
The photo is inspired by the series of paintings „The Repentant Magdalen” by Georges de La Tour. Inthe case of paintings the composition is based on the local light given by a candle. Bright parts attract and stop the viewer’s eye by symbolically presenting individual parts of the story that De La Tour wanted to tell us – the woman, a skull, a candle, a mirror, discipline, books…
„Online” photography is a portrait showing a man, perhaps while gaming or remote working. Here, however, symbolically, the main part of his story is hidden in the dark, as if locked in a house, hidden from the eyes of others.
What do we look like today, more and more time spendig at home? How will this influence our perception of ourselves?

2010, photography. Limited edition 10 + 2AP, print on the cotton Fine Art paper, 450×310 mm


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