Paweł Sadaj was selected for the second time by the jury presenting his works at the international exhibition of contemporary art NordArt in Germany. The artist introduced his new series of photographs entitled "Wundermann".
The works were originally a space built for them, and displayed in the main exhibition hall, right at the entrance, so that it was one of the first works that viewers came into contact with.

Paweł Sadaj's portrait was included in the official visual setting of the NordArt 2021 world exhibition, which is a great honor as well as significant recognition of his artistic work. Each year, the official visual setting of the exhibition is based on 9 portraits of the 200 artists exhibiting their works.

NordArt has been organized during the holiday season since 1999. The stand of one of the possible annual exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe. To make it accessible, its exhibition space, designed from scratch every year, becomes works of art in itself, providing a presentation of world contemporary art in an extraordinary atmosphere. Over 200 artists from around the world present their works, including paintings, photographs, films, sculptures and installations. The artists' works present new perspectives in the context of the sculptures and the historic Carlshütte complex. In 2020, due to the risk related to the threat to art safety, NordArt was implemented. Perhaps that is why in 2021, from June 5 to October 10, 2021, the exhibition hosted as many as 150,000 art performances. This year, you could see the official art pavilion from Ukraine, titled "The Limits of Reality". The curators were Evgen Karas and Darina Momot from Kiev. The Ukraine Pavilion enjoys the patronage of the Ambassador of Ukraine, H.E. Andriy Melnyk.
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