On June 25, 2019, at the 6x7 Leica Warsaw Gallery, while meeting with an artist, Paweł Sadaj presented his series of his photographs titled "Hotel Meduza". During this evening, guests had the opportunity to find out more about the genesis of the project, known its message and explore the secrets of symbolism contained in the artist's works. Paweł talked about inspirations, thoughts and the creative process.
“Such meetings are a great opportunity for the artist not only to present the works themselves, but above all to start a discussion on the topics they raise. Direct contact with the audience is an opportunity for confrontation, suggestions, and deepening the understandability of the message. It helps the audience get to know and understand the works better, get to know the creator and his artistic vision.

I would like to thank the guests for their numerous attendance, active participation and creating a unique atmosphere.”
Paweł Sadaj
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