The graphic art takes the topic of human migration in reference to the eternal right of all living creatures to move. The composition of the painting shows birds grouped into nine vertical lines and repeated nine times - this is an allegory until the time of birth. The black contours, arranged like letters in an as yet unknown form of writing, allude to migration as a natural path for the emergence of a new identity. It is not fully understood yet, but it is already visible.
An empty space appears in the right part of the composition, a reference to all attempts to stop this process, doomed to failure. We are witnessing changes in our culture, it is happening before our eyes. Nobody knows what our shared, assimilated life will look like in 100 years. We can be sure that it will be completely different than we assumed.
2016. Graphics. Limited edition 9/10 + 2AP. Print on the cotton Fine Art paper, 830×1400 mm (630×1200 mm without passepartout)


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