The photo is inspired by the events of June 6, 2023 in Ukraine. As the Ukrainian side officially reported, the Russians blew up a dam on the Dnieper in occupied Novaya Kakhovka. As a result, there was a flood - water flooded 28 towns and thousands of people lost all their belongings. In one of the flooded towns - Oleszki - over 500 inhabitants died because the Russians occupying these areas refused to evacuate civilians who did not have Russian passports. They did not allow humanitarian missions by international organizations, including the UN. This story brings to mind events immortalized in paintings by Eugene Delacroix "The Massacre of Chios", or "Guernica" by Pablo Picasso.
Time passes, the world is changing, technology offers more and more possibilities, we think that we are becoming more and more civilized. And yet the stories mentioned show that in the horrors of war we are still the same. Nothing changes.
It will come soon - one face, repeated countless times, demonstrates the statistics of war. Victims become anonymous. We hear that hundreds are dying, thousands far away become just numbers for us. Yet each of them had her own plans, hopes and family. Each of us has lost someone at some point and we know what a great tragedy that is. What if this tragedy comes here soon?

2023, photography. Limited edition 10 pcs + 2AP, print on the cotton Fine Art paper, 1650x850 mm


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