Every day we receive a huge amount of information from the world in an already prepared, interpreted form. We don't have to analyse it and draw our own conclusions. When we quote opinions from the media later in our conversations, we pass them off as our own, even though they are not. We don't check them, we don't control them. In this way, we take the opportunity to shape our own opinions and therefore our own development. We also become an easy target for groups that want to manipulate us.
The first part of the diptych shows chickens huddled together in groups behind the glass. Blurred, foggy - is this what we look like in the eyes of the journalists who compile information for us every day? Are we more than just a grey mass to them?
The second part shows chickens in front of the glass - they symbolise journalists who work independently and in groups, both locally and globally. Are they independent? Are their bosses independent? Whose interests do they pursue with their information material?
  2015, Photography. Limited edition 10 + 2AP. Print on the cotton Fine Art paper, 1400×900 mm (1200×700 mm without borders).


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