Pawel_SadajMy name is Paweł Sadaj, I live in Warsaw, in Poland. Since the beginning of my work I have been interested in human being. Both in metaphysical and socio-cultural aspect. I create a series of thematically related artworks. Each project I prepare for long time to be sure of what I want to create.

Creating my artworks I use a various of techniques – from traditional to the latest in digital technology. To merge them together gives the paintings a new, unique dimension. In the creative process every detail is important to me.

I was born in Poland, in Gdansk, 19th March 1973 year. I graduated from National High School of Fine Arts in Gdynia, the direction of Art Photography. I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, the direction of Graphics, the studios: Graphic Design prof. Tomasz Bogusławski then Poster Design prof. Zdzisław Walicki, Intermedia: prof. Witosław Czerwonka, Theater set design: prof. Andrzej Markowicz. In 2000 year I graduated with honour for short animated film created in 3D „Cycle”. It was the first in Poland fully multimedia diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts.


Awards and honours:

Trojmiasto Off Film Festival – honour for best alternative film „Cycle”

47 National Competition for Amateur Films in Konin – Prize for best animated film „Cycle”

International Festival of Cinema Off Poznan 2001 – second prize in the category of 1 minute for the animated film „Just for Her”

International Festival of Cinema Off Poznan 2001 – award notice for the films „Cycle” and „Just for Her”

Tenbit Filmforum Festival – the second prize for film „Cycle”

7 National Festival of Author’s Animation Films in Krakow – award notice



2006 – National Museum in Gdansk, group exhibition of artworks theater set design studio graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

2008 – Individual exhibition online

2009 – Individual exhibition in Artists’ Studio Association „Lubelska”, Warsaw – „Polish flu”

2010 – Individual exhibition in Artists’ Studio Association „Lubelska”, Warsaw – „InVivo”

2012 – group exhibition „The Youngest”, Gallery DAP I, Warsaw – „InVivo”

2012 – group exhibition Gallery Dab I Warsaw, film – „The Way to the East”

2012 – group exhibition „Young at Art”, Gallery „Lufcik” Warsaw  – „InVivo”