Pawel_SadajPaweł Sadaj was born in Poland and he lives there. He graduated from National High School of Fine Arts in Gdynia, the direction of Art Photography. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, the direction of Graphics, the studios: Graphic Design, Poster, Intermedia, Theater set design.

In 2000 year Paweł Sadaj graduated with honour the Academy of Fine Arts for short animated film was created in 3D „Cycle”. It was the first in Poland fully multimedia diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts.

A characteristic feature of Paweł Sadaj’s work is the presence of a perverse anecdote in each of the topics discussed. The visual language of his works is a counter to the issues under consideration, among which humanity dominates on the background of socio-civilization processes. His work provokes a deeper analysis and discussion. Paweł Sadaj uses various picture creating techniques in his artworks – from traditional photography to the latest computer technologies.


Awards and honours:

Trojmiasto Off Film Festival – honour for best alternative film „Cycle”

47 National Competition for Amateur Films in Konin – Prize for best animated film „Cycle”

International Festival of Cinema Off Poznan 2001 – second prize in the category of 1 minute for the animated film „Just for Her”

International Festival of Cinema Off Poznan 2001 – award notice for the films „Cycle” and „Just for Her”

Tenbit Filmforum Festival – the second prize for film „Cycle”

7 National Festival of Author’s Animation Films in Krakow – award notice

Arte Laguna 2018/19 – „Three Graces” on the first selection list in Digital category

Aesthetica, Art & Culture Magazine – Paweł Sadaj on list of 50 artist – Directory of Artist, February/Marz 2019

Nord Art 2019 – „Hotel Medusa” on final, exhibited list of 200 artist

Color Awards 2019 – „Three Graces” nominated in Fine Art category



2006 – National Museum in Gdansk, group exhibition of artworks theater set design studio graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

2008 – Individual exhibition online – „Polish flu”

2009 – Individual exhibition in Artists’ Studio Association „Lubelska”, Warsaw – „Polish flu”

2010 – Individual exhibition in Artists’ Studio Association „Lubelska”, Warsaw – „InVivo”

2012 – group exhibition „The Youngest”, Gallery DAP I, Warsaw – „InVivo”

2012 – group exhibition Gallery Dab I Warsaw, film – „The Way to the East”

2012 – group exhibition „Young at Art”, Gallery „Lufcik” Warsaw  – „InVivo”

2019 – „Hotel Medusa” on group exhibition NordArt 2019 (01.06.2019 – 13.10.2019), Kunstwerk Carlshütte, Büdelsdorf, Germany